This blog is about looking for sources of Hydrogen to inject through the air intake to boost the engine burn of fossil fuel. This starts with an efficient electrolysis device with a Platinum-Niobium wire mesh anode and a 316L Stainless Steel outer tube as cathode.

This new effort is concentrated on generating Hydrogen from Ammonium Hydroxide and water misting using ultrasonic devices. The goal is to minimize emissions.


Ammonia as more Hydrogen compared to pressurized Hydrogen and Liquefied Hydrogen

Other References:

1. Ohio University: Center for ElectroChemical Engineering Research – Ammonia Electrolysis

2. US Department of Energy: FreedomCar Fuel Partnership – Potential Roles of Ammonia in a Hydrogen Economy
3. Colorado School of Mines: Joseph D. Beach – Solid State Ammonia Synthesis for Sustainable Fuel and Energy Storage Applications
4. ACTA: M. Comotti – Ammonia as Hydrogen Carrier and Sustainable Fuel
5. UC Berkeley: Ammonia as Alternative Energy Storage Medium for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

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