The Trusted Mechanic: A Driver of Economic Productivity

With the average American worker income going down

and jobs going part time


it is understandable that the average age  of cars on the roads is getting up there, 11+ years


and auto loans are going sub-prime.


With these realities driving a “reliable car” to work to earn a living is a “must”.  Less car downtime means better income. That means most workers depend on their auto mechanic.  That means auto mechanics are not just simply auto mechanics.  Auto mechanics are an important driver of economic productivity.

One level above an auto mechanic  is  a “Trusted” Auto Mechanic.  The difference is transparency.  With 1996 or newer models cars have sensors all over it  a “Trusted” Auto Mechanic shows the car owner why a certain maintenance job needs to be done and explains how it affects car using that data.


Trust-worthiness is not a label one can slap on ones shop.  Trust is earned via transparency.


A Reason to Tell your Boss Why You need to Work from Home

If that is an option …

Driving home from office today compared to yesterday shows something interesting.  Today, the ambient air temperature was generally around the 30+ degrees.  Yesterday’s ambient air temperature was around the 70+ degrees.

The glaring difference is that the carbon emissions is relatively higher when ambient air temperature is lower.   That means it is better to minimize driving in cold weather.  That would be a reason to tell my boss that I need to work from home on those days 🙂

Cold day:

Warm day: