New Setup: Hydrogen Injection + Water Misting

The new setup below will combine the following:

1. Hydrogen injection via electrolysis of ACE Janitorial Ammonia (10% Ammonium Hydroxide).  So the output gases will be HHO + some percentage of HHHN.

2. Water mist injection via ultrasonic device using 24 VDC 0.2 amps.

Hydrogen Generation using ACE Janitorial Ammonia

From March 2009 through mid 2013, I have been successful at using the GreenFuel Booster to increase MPG for my 2006 Honda Civic LX. A highway drive from Richmond, VA to Ellicott City, MD (and vice versa) would regularly get 48 MPG.

The general strategies were:

(1) taper the air intake after the MAF sensor
(2) inject HHO generate from distilled water with KOH electrolyte
(3) use an OBD2 log analyzer

This new 2014 effort will use the following strategies:

(1) taper the air intake after the MAF sensor
(2) inject HHO + HHHN generated from ACE Janitorial Ammonia
(3) water mist injection using ultrasonics
(4) use to analyze OBD2 testing data